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frank! Frenetic energy with more hooks than my dad's tackle box. Favorite track: still got it.
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Russ wow. just wow. I love these guys so much. Favorite track: still got it.
Stef Purenins
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Stef Purenins Chaotic and hazy in the best way possible, with a plethora of outstanding riffs. Sounds really good loud when your neighbours have bought new speakers and play nothing but house music on loop. Favorite track: still got it.
Jon Morbin
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Jon Morbin Elicited a sense of genuine excitement. Fun/10 Favorite track: still got it.
Doug Mayo-Wells
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Doug Mayo-Wells 2 dudes from Johnny Foreigner channeling imaginary lesser known gems of DC punk RIYL Jawbox, Smart Went Crazy and such Favorite track: ..and that's what's wrong with politics.
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Yr Poetry is Alexei from Johnny Foreigner and Yr Friends and Junior from Johnny Foreigner and Fridge Poetry's pet rock band. ARE WE NOT THE MOST PRODUCTIVE STONERS YOU KNOW?

feel free to invite us places

Edit: Yr Poetry now has it's own machinery; plz go to www.ibelieveinyrpoetry.bandcamp to dl this jawn xoxo


released October 10, 2014

Summer 2014 is ur gf. Recorded + Produced by Dominique James for Omstart, at Carbon Studios, Birmingham. Thanks: Leighton, Lewes, Karlie



all rights reserved


yr friends Birmingham, UK

Yr Friends : that guy from some band or other.

Yr Poetry : those guys from that band or whatever

everything is pwyw except the latest one, that's fair right?

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Track Name: i caught a fly with chopsticks, once
Spell yr thoughts on sandy shores tonight, out under the satellites
Let the lenses in the sky track the words in letters ten foot high
'Always lonely never alone', o lets try

Pretend you never wanted what you got, detag yrself in every shot
Blush and bite yr lip, of all the scenes you thought that you could fit
This wasn't it, but it's okay, lets try

If it's nothing that you do the it must be you
And If nothing helps and If it's nothing else it must be you
Cheap excuses to stay home, always out when yr parents phone, it must be you

And I catch each practiced line and I come back to you every time.
It must be you and that's fine.
Track Name: Bae Ruthie
Hey Ruthie d'you remember why we never stayed in touch
You taught me to value my accent
And now it's permenant and fused to everything.

God forbid you've changed
God forbid you've changed me
I hope that we're still friends

That was the summer of the overdoses, of shaky hands held in hospital gowns
Bleak adventures will wait for each other
'Maybe we're born alone, but we won't die alone'

Is that all you've got to say
Is that all you've got to say to me
I hope that we're still friends

And I admit that I was proud, that I mixed up fate and luck
And I see that I was everything you wanted
And everything you wanted kinda sucked.

Hey Ruthie d'you remember the summer you made us call you Ruthie.
Track Name: Don't Not Stop Me Now
You can call it science or romance
Either yr ashamed or you are wrong
Facedown in a burning plane and all the parachutes are gone

There are traces, there's a trust in you
And all yr friends say I'm the one who knew. Oh mah days I hope that's true

You can call it science or romance but you still want throw up all you've done
Peacock feathers, piranhas teeth, that's a waking dream for some
So smash yr snowglobes and sweep the glass
We are all barefoot in this snowglobe crash

There are traces, there's a trust in you
And all yr friends say I'm the one who knew. Oh mah days I hope that's true
He's a proxy for the one you love
And all yr friends talk like that's enough. Oh mah days ah miss yew
Track Name: ..and that's what's wrong with politics
Swimming thru the campsite in the dark
Every shadow is a shark
So we stick to the shallows that we know
Watch the fires on the shoreline glo and go out

In the battle of the scientists I'm Tesla, yr Edison
I sleep alone. I shoot lightning from my fingertips
While you just steal my friends and kill their pets.

I'll sell you

But the highest bidder bailed, fell asleep.
So all the stock that's left is ours keep.
Like the first to find the lost and found is found
Seeing shadows on the ground as sharks or some shit

In the ballad of the comic books I'm Morrison, yr Alan Moore
My girlfriend knows, I can change the world with words
While you complain they changed yr rape scene

I'll sell you
I'll sell you all my secrets
I'll sell you all my secrets, don't go for the alarm.
Track Name: A House in the Hinterlands
Let's stop waiting for dumb luck to save us
You kept those photos for so long they faded
Say you want to leave this town and I don't know why

Shared secrets on the boardwalk with the seagulls
My heart set on Chicago but I'd settle for staying over
Say you want to leave this town and I don't know why
You won't let the seagulls see you cry
Like the seagulls are spies
Track Name: Sympathy for Serena Joy
So it comes, so it is, so it goes. With our bodies obscured y the strobes
And if that sounds pretty vague, well we were hazed and the evening just kept on expanding
Old heritage pays for each other and young money pays for the cover
The guys in the queue say, whatever, and the girls say, oh, they don't talk

You never go out anymore. Lock the door, toss the key and go to sleep
And I read yr poetry, how you dream of how you used to dream of me
And you just can't help yrself

Less like a line and more like a dance with the half drunk champagne cups on the banks
I wouldn't say that they were coerced but the words were rehearsed and not every hit hurts you like
The first hits the water, the second inherits the power
The boys in the pool are like, whatever. And the girls say, oh, they don't talk.

And i can't help myself but I've got to ask
What could that pillar mask?
How many bodies? How many wards?
How many hospitals?
Track Name: still got it
If Esther and Eden still dress up as Wayne and Garth I guess we're ok.
Let's meet back here in 12 months time. We collide to stay alive.

You would imagine yr epitah as every drunk text you ever sent.
I'd remember just the one. We collide to stay alive.

I survived a pop punk summer. Shiny heartbreak on the radio.
I survived a pop punk summer. Jaggy hearts will break in stereo.