yr friends don't care what you look like

by yr friends

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This is the 5th release by Yr Friends which is Alexei from Johnny Foreigner and Yr Poetry and Yr Friends.

It's awesome how i can pay some bills doing these little collections but I'm 24 hours from South Africa and 48 hours from my birthday so I can't guarantee any initial profits won't get spent on drinks I can't spell.

Download comes with liner notes + a list of excuses.

HAVE YOU DONE SOMETHING NEW WITH YOUR HAIR IT LOOKS GREAT (feel free to treat the price as a minimum donation)

HMU for shows and stuff alexeiberrowAThotmail.com


released October 17, 2014

recorded and mixed on headphones at Candyland and in bedrooms. summer/autumn 2014
Dick originally writtem and performed by Nervous Passenger



all rights reserved


yr friends Birmingham, UK

Yr Friends : that guy from some band or other.

Yr Poetry : those guys from that band or whatever

everything is pwyw except the latest one, that's fair right?

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Track Name: theme from yr friends
don't be adequate for anyone.
don't settle for the averages you've found
yr friends don't care what you look like, they just care that you're alive and that yr living well.
so do them proud.
Track Name: be awful
the sky syncs the thunder with the strobing stormy clouds
it's like the evenings asking you to leave
and if blacked out on the back seat of a taxi you can ill afford
still beats staying with me

i hope you make the most of all the hours that you get
i hope you sleep thru every alarm he sets
and get yr good dreams back.

and when you wake up, be grateful.
drunk you had the power just means sober you can come back
no curses, no grudges held
just some awkward pauses when we're both out and soon not even that
Track Name: dude, yr meta is fucked, dude
i walked out to clear my head i guess i'm walking back alone
as the wind whips my coat and whispers up the avenue
with the streetlights making shadowplays i let the grey trees guide me home
some things are better unproven, never known

that was no life to live. there was no space to give
we were stacked, a million hearts, a million hassles
there was no room to breathe, that was no life to leave
we were stacked, vacuum packed, smothered with kisses, kindness, wishes winding down

and i'll bet you never called.
hold a wake for the willows, candles that flicker and fade
and we keep secrets sick and sweet and sometimes both
lay a place at the table, a glass for our absent hosts

that's how you know you're getting old.
Track Name: dick